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Niskayuna Police Benevolent Association

Who are we?

About Us

Welcome to the Niskayuna Police Benevolent Association’s website. The Niskayuna PBA is a non-profit orginization which represents the Officers, Detectives, and Sergeants of the Niskayuna Police Department.
This website is intended to stay connected to our community and the citizens who support us. On this site, you will be able to get to know the men and women who serve the great town of Niskayuna. To continue supporting us we are providing an effortless way to donate that is convenient and environmentally friendly.
With some of the most dedicated and compassionate Police Officers, our devotion to this community is what makes our town a safer and more desired location for all families. Explore our site to learn more about your Niskayuna PBA.

As this website is not frequently monitored, Please do not use our contact page for any Police complaints or urgent matters.

Team Members


Christopher Henry


Jeffery Relation

Vice president

Todd Frenyea


Anthony Comanzo



Current Events

The Niskayuna PBA has finally started our 2021 fundraiser season! It was a slow start with the transition to digital but we hope this will save time and money going forward. Thanks for all of your support.


In an effort to streamline our fundraiser we are attempting to shift the fundraiser operations to a mostly digital system. We will still take paper checks and continue to send out the annual mailer however we would like to move to a mostly no paper solution. As always we will still send out stickers at your request. Below you will find an option to donate via PayPal. Once your Donation is complete you will be redirected to a Donor List page. As always we Thank you for you continued support.


Donor List

Join our donor list to receive stickers, the Niskayuna PBA Beacon, and have your donation acknowledged in the Beacon. To join, after you complete your donation you will be redirected to the ‘Donor List ‘ submission page.



Donating online is the preferred method. Donating through PayPal offers a more secure and faster processing of your donation. Click the Donate Button to start.


The Niskayuna P.B.A will never call or solicit in person for donations. A donation request from the Niskayuna P.B.A will only be sent via mail. The Niskayuna P.B.A does not have any partners and will never request donations through outside organizations.